Sammie Faith

Historic Roma

Sammie Faith
Historic Roma

I recently studied abroad in Rome, Italy for 5 weeks this summer. I have to say the first place I visited took my breath away more times than I could count, historic Rome. Whether it was the gorgeous churches, the amazing landmarks I had heard and read about for years, or the contagious rich culture swirling around me, it was all amazing! Some of the places we visited were the Pantheon, the Spanish steps, Palatza Tervona, the Trevi Fountain, Castel San T’Angelo, and St. Peter’s square. Thanks to the wonderful and intelligent Francesca, the PhD Architect and one of our professors while in Rome, we were able to not only learn about the history of these architectural marvels but we were also able to learn how to truly appreciate the rich history we were walking through during our time in Rome. Personally, my favorite building is the Pantheon, it was has been since I first saw a picture of it in history class when I was younger, so witnessing this piece of architecture in person was a dream come true. I actually went back to visit the building on multiple occasions during different times of days to see how the light affected it as well as how the feeling of the building and the square surrounding it changed throughout the day. Below I have pictures of many of the places, buildings, tracks, and ancient towers aged to the time of Jesus Christ.