Seattle Sisters

Seattle Sisters

Washington has been on my list of states to visit for a few years now. My best friend Savannah who is like a sister to me, hence Seattle Sisters, has been going to college in Seattle and I decided to book a flight and go visit! I gotta say y'all, Seattle is such a vibrant and eclectic city! It's exciting how each neighborhood has such a different demographic! I was able to visit Queen Anne, Fremont, Ballard, and Downtown. One thing I learned from my time in Seattle, public transportation is pretty awesome! Whether it's taking a lime bike to explore the neighborhoods, hopping on the bus to visit downtown, or riding the light rail to the airport, they're all little adventures of their own! Although Seattle is best known for its coffee and the Space Needle, I would say my favorite parts were the Pike Place Market and all of the beautiful scenery of Seattle! At the Pike Place Market we were able to see the fish market, flower market, visit a paper press company, try some dope handmade cheese, and enjoy some ginger beers! If you go to fish market, beware of the throwing fish stand where if you're in just the right spot you will have hands on experience with the fish, and when I say hands on I mean splash zone y'all! In my opinion, it's an experience like no other and I definitely don't regret having a giant fish thrown to three inches from my face! I also happened to be in Seattle on the weekend of their annual Folk Festival! This festival has very diverse music, eclectic personalities, some pretty rocking drum circles, and best of all dozens of food trucks from all over the world! Savannah and I most enjoyed the mango with tajin, but that's one of our staples! In Freemont though most places you visit will be more on the high end, the local boutique fashion is so much fun just to window shop! Each boutique I went into had gorgeous clothes, wonderful fabrics, beautiful jewelry, and the nicest shopgirls. When traveling, the best way to make the most of your time is getting advice from locals and make some new friends while you're at it! One shopgirl I met not only told me all about the best shops and cafes to visit over the weekend and for lunch but we ended up talking for 30 minutes about Seattleites and where to meet the coolest people! Of  course my best friend being a local was the best connection I could have possibly had! For those of you who know me, you know I try to find a church wherever I go! Though I am Catholic, I always like to experience new things so I joined my best friend for her service at Quest Church. Before you leave Seattle, remember to visit the gasworks, not only is it cool and grungy on its own, but right next to it is a giant hill! Though this was exciting to me alone for the chance to run up it and roll on down, but Savannah showed me that when you stand atop it you can see the beautiful water way though Seattle as well as seven of the hills and neighborhoods of the great city! Seattle has something for everyone whether you are interested in backpacking, mountain biking and hiking, or a chill coffee in mornings, a stroll through chic cafes and modern boutiques, or a vibrant downtown with markets, shopping, and bustling business, you can enjoy it all in Seattle! Jump on a plain of your own or road trip up there, you won't regret it!