Sammie Faith

Tulsa Turistas

Sammie Faith
Tulsa Turistas

Post graduation four of my closest girl friends and I have started an annual girls trip tradition. Just me and my girls Tori, Alli, Dahlia, and Nanci! For our first trip we visited somewhere pretty local for us; Tulsa, Oklahoma! If you've never been to Tulsa, I'm telling you it is worth the trip! Not only for the excellent food and lively night life, but the eclectic downtown and crazy diverse forms of entertainment! You like museums, the outdoors, boutique jumping, golfing, horse back riding, are you a foodie, an adventurer, or a fun weekender, Tulsa is fun for all types of travelers! In my time in Tulsa, we tried out the night life, visited Boxyard, made friends with a boutique owner with an amazing food suggestion, tried out some Flying Tee, explored local coffee shops, and of course took in some sun! Boxyard is an area in downtown Tulsa with multiple shipping containers each with their own coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, and ice cream shops! This is a great place to grab a bite, do a little shopping, and get a great picture in front of the Tulsa skyline. Just down the street from the Boxyard nooked away next to a London phone booth is the East Village Bohemian Pizzeria! Now when I say this is some of the best pizza I have ever had, I am not exaggerating! Even better than most pizzarias I have visited in Italy! Not only is the food amazing but the ambiance is absolutely addicting and the wait staff are all gems! Now I'm pretty sure my friend would hurt me if I didn't mention that it would be a mistake dining here and not getting the baked spinach dip appetizer! Not only was it enjoyed at the table but it was so good my friend ordered more to-go to savor at home. While Flying isn't identical to Top Gold, it is extremely similar. If you know me, you know I'm going to love anywhere you can put a club in my hands and a ball in front of me, so of course I had a blast! We also visited a gorgeous coffee shop, took in some sun by the pool, dined at a few of restaurants, and enjoyed some night life. What made the trip amazing though were my girls! In my experience the best part of traveling is making amazing memories with your travel buddies! For this trip in particular I was lucky to have a weekend with just me and my chicas! Te amo ladies!!