Samantha Arroyos

Philly Phun

Samantha Arroyos
Philly Phun

One of the best parts of owning a business with your family is business trips with my dad! My dad has always loved travel throughout different states and loves working a business trip like a boss, then enjoying the amazing city you are visiting! This trip in particular was to Philadelphia, one of our favorite cities. Philly is not only full of amazing history, but also embraces every bit of amazing diversity throughout their city while making it an amazing place for visitors. We visited the Reading terminal (on multiple occasions) and wondered about the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. The Reading terminal has to be my dad and I’s favorite place to eat! Not only because of the amazing multicultural, homemade, delicious food, but also for the amazing people that run the stands! As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve always thought the best way to travel is to get to know local vendors you meet, make new friends, and learn other great places to visit! We also took pictures in the infamous LOVE and AMOR sculptures and ended our day with a visit to the infamous, the amazing, Rocky statue and stairs! Since I had already seen the Liberty Bell in a previous visit, Rocky won out this round (because when would Rocky ever lose a round)! I have to say that in my brief time in Philly, it is not only still one of my favorite cities, but is now in my top 10! If anyone would be interested in a post on my top 10 cities, comment below!