Samantha Arroyos

Amalfi Coast

Samantha Arroyos
Amalfi Coast

If you are taking a trip to Italy, do not leave without taking time to visit the Amalfi Coast! On our third weekend in Italy, majority of my group to a Smart Trips trip to the Amalfi Coast. (Side note: If you are a young traveler wanting to explore on a budget, use Smart Trips!) On this weekend we started off our first day at Capri, second at Positano, and our final day in Pompeii. When our boat pulled up to Capri we rode on little trains that climbed the side the hill, once we were a bit up we started off the day with amazing granitas! If you haven’t yet had a granita, you are seriously missing out! They are made with orange juice, frozen lemonade made with fresh lemons from the coast, and plenty of vodka, because in the coast it is always vodka time! After we rode individual ski lifts to the tip top of the hill, gazed at the amazing view of the coast lined homes, the islands in the distance, and the beautiful ocean, then road our ski lefts back down. Slightly down on the hill we joined our other classmates for lunch with a bald flirty Italian waiter, some brief shopping, and walked back down the hill to our boat ride. This was my first real boat ride out in the ocean, and it was AMAZING! We swam in the blu grotto, jammed to American rap on blast while marveling at the coast landscape, taking random stops to swim in the Mediterranean. Each night ended with and morning started with communal dinner and breakfast at the hostel. A bit of advice, find a hostel that has a great cook and you’ll have one less thing to worry about after a long day of exploring! Our second day was in Positano. Positano was by far my favorite city, when I say breathtaking, that is an understatement! Not only was it beautiful, there were gorgeous shops, the sweetest people, and an amazing beach! We were able to do some shopping, eat some great paninis, and go on a boat ride where we went cliff diving and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Our final day we went to Pompeii, climbed Mt. Vesuvius and saw the ruins the Mt. Vesuvius left in Pompeii. We also had a lunch that actually served butter with their bread and amazing french fries, a first for us in Italy! We ended the afternoon with more granitas and learning some of the risque history of Pompeii!